"Birth of America II" Remap Native American History

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Written by Rosemarie McKeon Thursday, 07 August 2008 22:36

On July 31st, Ascaron Entertainment set the "Birth of America II" release date for Sept. 19, 2008. The historically strategy video game allows players to change the course of history for Native Americans. Players can help the Shawnee and Mingo tribes win "Lord Dunmore's War" of 1774... some consider it one of the first battles in the American Revolution. New map extensions reach to the Mississippi in the west and added to the already extensive maps of America and Europe. Improved AI, replay, historical music, new rules for Indians, minutemen, and additional political, economic and diplomatic options.

see Ascaron Entertainment press release

and the Gamezine.co.uk review


Chinook Nation Awaits Federal Recognition

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Written by Rosemarie McKeon Sunday, 03 August 2008 21:27

Last Thursday, July 31, Congressman Brian Baird introduced "The Chinook Nation Restoration Act". It proposes federal recognition to the Chinook Nation, located in the state of Washington.

Read more: Chinook Nation Awaits Federal Recognition


Zoltan Grossman - Cultural Geographer, Evergreen U

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News - YouTube

Friday, 01 August 2008 00:17

Zoltan Grossman, a Cultural Geographer with Evergreen University, has uploaded a few videos:

3 videos: "Paddle to Lummi 2007" tribal canoes come ashore - 80+ tribal canoes come ashore at the Lummi Nation

3 video: Crandon mine victor powwow in Green Bay, WI in December 2003--celebrating the Potawatomi and Mole Lake Chippewa tribes purchase of the proposed Crandon mine site in October. Silent video by Zoltan Grossman.

2 videos: Tribal Canoe Journey end 2006. The Tribal Canoe Journey arrives at Lake Washington in Seattle, with dozens of canoes from around Washington and B.C., July 31, 2006. Pullers take canoes out of water after the formal landing.


Curriculum at Stanford and Native American Cartographic Influences

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 September 2008 12:37

The Bill Lane Center for the Study of the North American West at Stanford University has developed an excellent series of worksheets and lesson plans relating to the impact of mapping on Native American people and their impact on cartography. The curriculum's audience is high school students, but gives a wonderful overview for all.


Native American Influence - "Native Americans played a critical role in European mapmaking. Earlyexplorers based many of their projections on existing Native Americanmaps. Examine the map and passage below to learn other ways that NativeAmericans participated in European cartography."

Stanford Curriculm on Native American Carto Influences


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