OpenSource Mapping with First Nations in British Columbia, Patrick Hayes


On Wednesday, April 21st, Patrick Hayes, Principal with Geomemes Research Inc, in Canada, will be visiting San Francisco to attend DrupalCon. He has graciously accepted the invitation to share his First Nations mapping experience at a meeting hosted by the University of California, Berkeley Indigenous Mapping Network student chapter. He will be speaking from 6-7p and registration for the event can be found at:

The event will be live streamed and recorded. It can be seen from:


In the last few decades many First Nation communities have collected rich stores of cultural and ecological knowledge in a variety of media formats, much of it with known spatial references. These collections are growing, but are not always accessible, even to those who collected them! At the same time, people from different parts of the community (including off-reserve members) are asking for access to these collections; for treaty negotiation/land claims, land and marine management, and education purposes.

Open Source is a buzzword that many are familiar with, but what does it really mean and why are people so excited by it? What is the difference between Open Source, Open Standards, and Open Data?

We will give an introduction to Open Source GIS and how First Nations in British Columbia are using it to tackle some of the above mentioned challenges in ways that protect their data while at the same time making it more useful. Expect to hear about specific open-source GIS technologies and how they are being used in real-world situations.

This talk will be non-technical in nature, but for those wishing to talk geeky afterward, there will be time!

Recent Publications/Workshops:

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