Web Link Overview

Web Links include various external sites that may be of interest to our e-relations:

  • Events: Listed according to what is happening or about to happen. Past events are under the events link
  • Native GIS Sites: This is to highlight tribal reservation GIS departments (please submit your office!),  and includes a link to the amazing Aboriginal Mapping Network, based in Canada
  • Geospatial Resources: Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, Open Source Geospatial Foundation, X3D Earth Working Group - Web3D Consortium, Open Source GIS, PPGIS - Open Forum, National Historical Geographic Information System, Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives: GIS/Map Resources, EPA Pacific Northwest Environmental Data Library, and GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
  • Land Rights: First Nations Land Rights and Environmentalism in BC, Indian Land Working Group, Jodi Rave: Cobell to appeal, Koniag, Inc
  • Learning Opportunities: Google Earth Tutorials, NMAI Indigenous Geography, YouTube GIS Education: Human Geography
  • Organizations: Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group AAG, National Park Service Tribal Preservation Program, Library of Congress Geography and Map Reading Room, US Census Bureau American Indian and Alaska Native Programs, US Dept of Interior Indian Trust, BIA Modernization Initiative, Native American Fish & Wildlife Society, Indigenous Peoples Knowledges and Rights Commission, International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management, Intertribal Timber Council, The Indian Nations Conservation Alliance, Northwest Tribal GIS Discussion
  • Articles and Books (online and hard copy published materials referencing Indigenous Mapping)
  • Indigenous Planning: American Planning Association, Self Governance Communication and Education, White (Red) Paper -Physical Infrastructure and Economic Development by Ted Jojola and Legal Infrastructure by Kevin Gover, NCAI's National Native American Economic Summit Reports, white papers and videos from the Native American Economic Summit, Indigenous Planning and Community Development by Ted Jojola
  • Indigenous/Traditional Knowledges: Indigenous Peoples and The Law, Cultural Survival, Indigenous node of the World Wide Web Virtual Library, Indigenous Peoples Knowledges and Rights Commission

We welcome additional links, suggestions, questions!

  1. You can add a link by: login or create an account (in the green box to the left). Click on add a web link and submit! its that easy. Submitted links will be pending, until reviewed by an IMN volunteer
  2. or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it