We are Volunteers

The Indigenous Mapping Network Talking Circle (Board) consists of professional GIS volunteers who work with Indigenous/Native American/First Nations people: administrators, managers, analysts, planners, students, artist, web developer who, together with dedicated community members, have expanded the Indigenous Mapping Network in a few years. IMN has some wonderfully talented and dedicated people taking Indigenous mapping and cartographic concepts to the decision-making table. This new website is a major leap forward towards the goal of "networking" in the history of the project.

The Indigenous Mapping Network project legacy has strong development roots: Laura Harjo - Creek (who pioneered IMN's early days and continues advising and directing despite graduate school), Renee Pualani Louis - Hawai’ian (who spent alot of time discussing, attending meetings and getting the job done when it came to 'deliverables' and while in graduate school), Joshua Arnold - Couer d' Alene (sponsoring most of our conference calls and taking the leadership to new heights, while in graduate school), M.C. Baldwin - Navajo (attending and recording information about GIS and Native American conferences while representing IMN, and grant writing), Edith "Wook" Powaukee (secretary and idea woman, who carries the torch and manages to bring reality checks to the group with laughter, Kelly Hetzler - San Carlos Apache (who pointed out new directions and ideas for IMN and GIS) and Rosemarie McKeon - indigenous Nicaraguan/Mescalero Apache (board member and webmaster) who took the web foundation set by Zeb DeOs - Coquille Tribe, to the next level, IMN 2.0.