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Esri Nonprofit Organization Program - Nonprofits serving Tribal Communities

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Esri Nonprofit Organization Program

ESRI is pleased to announce a new Nonprofit Organization Program which aims to make its leading GIS mapping technology available to diverse Nonprofit Organizations around the globe.  This is a continuation and extension of the long legacy at Esri of supporting nonprofits to utilize GIS to support the important work that they do around the world.  This program was announced by Jack Dangermond, Esri’s President and Founder at the Gov 2.0 event on Sept. 9th, 2010 (Video).  Please note that US Federally Recognized Tribal Governments will continue to obtain software at no cost through the US Dept. of Interior however Nonprofit Organizations which serve Tribal Communities are eligible for support through this program.

 This offering waives commercial fees for Esri’s software, which is offered to qualifying Nonprofit Organizations for a low annual administrative fee.  For example the ArcInfo version of ArcGIS Desktop Mapping software which is commercially valued at over $36,000 (including all extensions) is offered to eligible Nonprofit Organizations for an annual $100 administrative fee.  A comparable offering for ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise provides Nonprofits with a complete GIS system for the management, visualization, analysis, and dissemination of GIS information that extends from the Desktop to the web, mobile devices and the cloud.  It provides organizations with the ability to share their activities with donors and the communities they serve by publishing geospatial web services and through interactive web mapping applications and dashboards, and mobile solutions.  Additionally, this program provides organization-wide offerings through a series of Enterprise Licensing Packages whereby a Nonprofit Organization can obtain hundreds of desktop mapping licenses, a set of GIS servers, and technical support for a set annual fee.

For more information on other discounts and training options for Nonprofits please visit the following website: or contact:

David Gadsden - ESRI
Nonprofit / Native American / Global Affairs
606 Columbia Street NW, Suite 300

Olympia WA, 98501, USA
Phone: 360.754.4727 x8911
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Skype: david_gadsden


FREE GIS Books to Indigenous Mapping Network members

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Last Updated on Monday, 09 August 2010 08:50

Peg Gronemeyer, GIS Specialist with USDA/ARS - Jornada Experimental Range at New Mexico State University,  offers tribal organizations and members/followers/friends/associates of Indigenous Mapping Network several GIS books FREE (that come w/the software) on ArcINFO, Arcview 3x, 8x, etc. covering tutorials, Arc commands, GRID commands, AML, Avenue, various extensions, etc. She also has a couple of older evaluation versions that have never been used.

Please contact Peg directly, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you are a nonprofit, Peg will ask permission to send the books w/o charging for postage.
However, If the organization is not a 'non-profit' or you have the ability to pay for postage, please send a fed ex number if possible - that is the easiest way.
Again, please contact Peg Gronemeyer directly and immediately while supplies last:
Peg Gronemeyer
GIS Specialist
USDA/ARS - Jornada Experimental Range
New Mexico State University
Box 30003 MSC 3JER
Las Cruces, NM  88003-8003
Office ph: 575-646-7086
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Here is her list as of Monday, August 9, 2010:

Using ArcView 3D Analyst 1997 120
1 3D
Using ArcGIS 3D Analyst 2000 200
1 3D
Using ArcCatalog 1999 200 ArcGIS 8 1 AC
Using ArcCatalog 2001 285
1 AC
Using rcMap 1999 560 ArcGIS 8 1 AM
Using ArcMap 2000 520
1 AM
What is ArcGIS? 2001 45
2 ArcGIS
Getting Started with ArcGIS 2002 250
1 ArcGIS
What is ArcGIS? ArcGIS 9 2004 120 ArcGIS 9 1 ArcGIS
ArcLogistics Route 2000 190
1 ArcLogistics
ArcPress version 1.0 for Unix 1995 120
1 ArcPress
ArcTools 1995 975 ArcInfo 7.0.4 1 ArcTools
Using ArcToolbox 1999 100
2 Arctlbx
Using ArcView GIS 1996 350
2 AV
ArcView Dialog Designer 1997 75
3 AV
Advanced ArcView GIS 1999 120
1 AV
Introducing Avenue 1994 90
1 Ave
Using Avenue 1996 230
2 Ave
ArcIMS 3.1 Install Guide 2001 200
Documentation Updates for Arc/INFO 1997 315 ArcInfo 7.1.1 2 INFO
Using Model Builder 2000 180
1 MB
Using ArcView Network Analyst 1996 150
1 Network An
Using ArcView Spatial Analyst 1996 150
2 Spatial An
Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst 2001 230
1 Spatial An
Using ArcGIS Survey Analyst 2002 300
1 Survey An
Using ArcView Tracking Analyst 1998 110
1 Track An
Graphics Devices Guide 1998 170

ESRI ArcGIS 10 Tribal GIS Webcast Series MARCH 3, 26 2010

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 February 2010 08:12

With the upcoming release of ArcGIS 10 we are planning a series of web  casts throughout 2010 for the Tribal GIS community to highlight a few of  the new capabilities in ArcGIS.  Again I need to stress that there is no better place to learn about ArcGIS 10 than the ESRI International User  Conference <>  so please try and make it this year if you can.  We again have an amazing  line up of speakers and one or two remaining slots for presenters.

Please let me know if for any reason you might have travel funds but are concerned about the registration fee for the conference.  The ArcGIS 10 Tribal GIS Webcast Series we are developing includes topics such as:  2D / 3D Editing, Python in ArcGIS, ArcGIS Server APIs, GIS / CAD Integration, Cadastral Editor, and Image Management and Analysis.

Please let us know if there are other topics you would like to see covered.

Our web cast technology is limited to 50 participants.  To manage the need for follow on events or recordings please reply to this email if you plan on attending either of these events.  I'll reply with an Outlook Calendar Invite with the web cast and conference call details.

On March 3rd at 10 am (Pacific), 2D and 3D Editing in ArcGIS with John Sharrard

ArcGIS 10 brings new 2D editing workflows and entirely new 3D editing capabilities.  Please join us for this presentation / discussion on:

*        Layer-based editing

*        Efficient feature construction

*        Simple dataset creation (Packing)

*        Simplified snapping environment

*        Productivity improvements

*        Improved attribute management

*        Improved editing through web applications

*        Direct editing on 3D Objects

*        Also will review some future directions for 3D in GIS

On March 26th at 10:30 am (Pacific), Python in ArcGIS 10 with Jeff Barrette

ArcGIS 10 introduces the ability to automate mapping tasks through a new Python mapping module. This session will provide an overview of the arcpy.mapping module and will demonstrate how it can be used to process MXD documents, map layers, data frames, and layouts in batch.  Printing and Exporting map documents and creation of PDF map books via Python will be covered, as will creation of script tools that can be used in an interactive ArcMap session.  Attendees will also be introduced to the best resources and fastest ways to start writing their own mapping scripts in ArcGIS 10.

Again a quick email RSVP would be a great help as we pull these together. Thanks!

David Gadsden - NW Federal Account Manager
ESRI - Environmental Systems Research Institute
606 Columbia Street NW, Suite 300, Olympia WA
Phone: 360.754.4727 Fax: 360.943.6910
Email: <mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Web:

Bentley BE Connected Online Sessions Invitation to Tribal GIS users, Tribal Engineering, & Tribal Architects

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 July 2009 12:29

Indigenous mapping network members.

Bentley Systems would like to invite Tribal GIS users, Tribal Engineers, Tribal Architects to attend “Be Connected” .

In recognition of constrained budgets for travel and education we decided to offer online sessions covering all of our technologies including GeoSpatial, Civil Engineering, Transportation, Water-Waste, Water-Stormwater, Architecture and more. There will be user presentations and best practices sessions as well. Over 100 Sessions will be offered.

Here are three Specific sessions later this week that may be of interest. They will be recorded if you can’t make the time.

An Introduction to Bentley Geo Web Solutions V8i

Ton de Vries, Bentley

July 1, 2009 | 12:00 PM (US Eastern)

Learn how to take advantage of the all-new Bentley Geo Web Solutions V8i product so that you can use a web services framework to integrate geospatial data in business workflows.

Bentley's Water and Wastewater Solution Overview

Jack Cook, Bentley

July 2, 2009 | 9:00 AM (US Eastern)

This session provides an overview of Bentley's water and wastewater solution. The presentation describes the total offering within the context of the utility lifecycle. In addition, it features an overview of Bentley’s product portfolio and its supporting architecture that facilitates enterprise and business interoperability.

Government Outlook

Ton de Vries, Bentley

July 1, 2009 | 12:00 PM (US Eastern)

The Bentley Solution covers the GIS and engineering solutions for Governmental agencies like federal, state, province and local governments. During the keynote Bentley’s intra-operable and interoperable solution portfolio will be positioned related to Government workflows and how this contributes to improved service to the public and increased efficiency.

Brien Green - Bentley Systems, Account Manager, Tribal, State and Federal Government

Brien Green
Account Manager, Federal, State and Tribal Government
Bentley Systems, Inc.
Cell: (909)838-8155
Office: (303)967-0868
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bentley Systems Logo

GSA Contract # GS35F0453L

Form for BIA (GDSC or NGRC) ESRI Software License Update

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 June 2009 02:37

Grant Timentwa posted a revised ESRI GIS User Audit Form on Friday, November 7th to the Northwest Tribal GIS User's Group with a request to disseminate it to as many people as possible. With his permission, the document is dowloadable below. His message includes this note: "..a revised ESRI GIS User Audit Form from the NGRC. They want you to have each person who uses GIS in your organization to fill one of these out before you get ArcGIS 9.3. I created input forms on the PDF file so you can type in rather than handwrite... Please disseminate to as many people as you can."

"The official word from the NGRC is to use this document and use the old order forms on the NGRC site if you want 9.3. The document isn't linked or posted on the NGRC website."

Download ESRI GIS User Audit Form

Please download and complete this form if you currently use any ESRI Software License attained from the BIA from the BIA ESRI License Agreement Program.  Your license is considered to be from the BIA ESRI License Agreement Program if it was given to you by the Geographic Data Service Center (GDSC) or the National Geospatial Resource Center (NGRC).  Please print and fax completed form to the NGRC at 505-563-5059. Again,

For additional questions, please contact NGRC at 877-293-9494 or Fax: 505-563-5059


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