Badlands Guardian: Satellite Imagery from Google Earth

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Badlands Guardian the Mysterious Face on Google EarthLand formation found in 2006 by "Cheeseball84" (aka Supergranny), while playing around with Google Earth's satellite imagery layer. Supergranny is from Saskatchewan, Canada. She placed the resulting TV news broadcast online. The story was presented by Lynda Steele, Anchor/Senior Producer with Global Television News in Canada.

The appearance of the Indian head is actually a valley that is about 70 million years old. The head appears to be listening to an IPod, which is a recent addition of a road leading to a well. Supergranny says it "has become known as the Badlands Guardian. More info (about Badlands) here"

"Mysterious Face" This story, originally aired in 2006 on CHAT-TV News Watch by Reporter Dale Hunter, is a ground level review of the "Mysterious Face" near "Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. The report was the winner of the RTNDA National- TV - short feature award for that year.